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Matrex Financial Ltd. is mortgage investment corporation (MIC) that simplifies the process of mortgage investing. Private investors are able to pool their funds to invest into diversified portfolio of commercial and residential mortgages in the form of 1st and 2nd mortgages. Our company administers the fund and at the end of the year pays out dividends to the investors, which in their turn can be cashed out or reinvested again.

Real Estate is one of the most secure forms of investment available in Canada.

All mortgage investments are secured by the real estate in Ontario.

Be able to securely earn 10-15% per year on your investment as oppose to low bank rates and volatile stock market.

RRSP Eligible – invest existing RRSP’s and do not pay taxes until they are cashed out.

Please check Recent Projects on types of properties financed.

Find out today how to become an investor.

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